Northern Virginia Drainage
Northern Virginia Drainage

Northern Virginia Landscape Drainage & Erosion

When planning your Northern Virginia landscape project, make certain you don't overlook potential drainage issues. The one area that is most often overlooked by local landscaping companies is drainage. The last thing you want to deal with after making an investment in a new patio, retaining wall or water feature is encountering a problem with standing water or various forms of flooding.

Adding a retaining wall and choosing the correct materials for the wall can be an important component to consider for water management. Making certain you support the earth is a critical element to protect the loss of your new landscape.

We have extensive experience in the installation of channel drains, French drains, catch basins and dry creeks. We study the landscape thoroughly before beginning the installation of your new retaining wall, hardscape patio, plant garden or other addition and install the correct safeguards to make certain your investment is protected and not "washed away".

We have design and installation experience in various elements of drainage and landscape soil management including:

  1. Erosion Control
  2. Proper Plant Installation for Drainage & Erosion Control
  3. Stream Rocks
  4. Dry Creek Beds
  5. Sand and Soil Mix
  6. Catch Basins

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