Northern Virginia Driveways
Northern Virginia Driveways

Northern Virginia Custom Driveways

The design and installation of driveways is not a typical task that most landscape companies specialize in. To correctly design and install a driveway is a more tedious operation then just moving some dirt around and then calling in the concrete truck to pour and spread some concrete.

Driveway design and installation is a specialty we've been offering for quite sometime and our design team pays close attention to the details of the driveway design. We have all of the heavy equipment necessary to grade the land for all size of driveways and parking areas.

Details commonly overlooked include the grade and slope for water run-off, soil type of the driveway location and load factor of the vehicles that will utilize the driveway.

We make certain that the soil is well compacted and has a good base of foundation material when installing all types of driveways to ensure that it will stay virtually maintenance free in all types of Northern Virginia weather.

Please contact Green Acres to discuss you driveway needs. We will discuss with you the different types of materials that can be used including, Interlocking Pavers, Cobblestone Bricks, Cobblestone Granite and more.

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Featured Services

  • Drainage

    Drainage and erosion does not have to be an eyesore. We can make these working items look beautiful, while functioning as they are needed.

  • Driveways

    Our design team pays close attention to the details of the driveway design to complement your homes existing look.

We needed two driveways completely redone. Green Acres did both and we're really happy with them. They look good and they've been durable.

— Bob, Vienna VA.

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