Northern Virginia Landscaping
Northern Virginia Landscaping

Northern Virginia Landscape Design

A professionally designed and properly installed landscape will not only add beauty to your property but will add to its value as well. When designing and installing a landscape take into consideration not only the environment but the surrounding architecture of your home as well.

At Green Acres we include the homeowner or developer in the design process and pay close attention to the property and personal preferences during the design process. We explore all of your design ideas while adding suggestions on plants, patios, walkways, retaining walls, lighting drainage and more. We want you to enjoy being a part of the process and want to make certain your design integrates naturally while incorporating your personality with your unique property. We pay careful consideration to choice of materials from natural -- such as wood, brick and sandstone -- to manufactured -- such as composites.

Landscape Installation

We feel that a successful landscape installation begins with a proper design that includes the "right" choice of plants, shrubs and trees for your property. Every installation by Green Acres is done with the utmost care and attention that you expect from a professional landscape company.

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Featured Services

  • Landscaping

    A successful landscape begins with a proper design that includes the "right" choice of plants, shrubs and trees for your property.

  • Drainage

    Drainage and erosion does not have to be an eyesore. We can make these working items look beautiful, while functioning as they are needed.

Green Acres designs and builds the most beautiful, functional driveways.

— Lucy, Springfield VA

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