Northern Virginia Landscaping
Northern Virginia Landscaping

Dry Creek Beds Provide Beauty and Remedy Drainage Problems for Your Northern Virginia Landscape

Do you constantly find excess water in your yard? Building a dry creek bed in your yard offers an easy, attractive solution to divert water away from your home and landscape. Too much water and puddling on your property can lead to rotting and attract insects, as well as possibly seep into your home. Excess water can also lead to soil erosion, particularly if you have a sloping landscape where runoff naturally forms pathways in your yard.

creek beds look like a natural stream — without the water. When preparing your yard for a dry creek bed, observe where channels of rainwater fall typically go, as well as areas where water often pools and doesn’t drain. Areas of your yard that stay soggy should serve as the location for your new dry creek bed and ultimately divert water away from your home. Make sure you speak with a local government official when planning to create a dry creek bed that can potentially flow onto the street or on neighboring property.

Dry creek beds’ sloping depth should be approximately half of its width, while its area should be rid of any grass, weeds, and other debris. The dry creek bed should meander down a slope, instead of in a straight line, which will help break the flow of water during heavy rains.

Once the creek bed has been dug, its bottom and sides are often covered with landscaping fabric to construct a functional drain. Bricks and/or landscaping rocks, such as river rock, are often installed along the dry creek bed to help keep water flowing quickly. Mortar is used to bond bricks together for durability. A pond can even be constructed at the end of the dry creek bed by using leftover bricks, boulders, and other materials to prevent overflow into neighboring properties.

Dry creek beds are naturally beautiful. In fact, many homeowners choose to construct them just for their aesthetics, even when not trying to remedy a drainage issue. Make sure you dress up your dry creek bed with ornamental grasses and plants, and maybe even a footbridge spanning the creek bed. Dry creek beds will require occasional weeding and maintenance in order to keep water flowing.

Green Acres Landscaping is here to help with your dry creek bed construction, maintenance, and landscaping. Green Acres provides everything from small landscape renovations to complete design and installation homeowners throughout Fairfax, Great Falls, Oakton, Reston and many other Northern Virginia communities. Providing landscape and hardscape services to Northern Virginia residents and businesses since 1992, Green Acres can provide you with the design and installation of custom landscapes, ponds, dry creek beds, water features, patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, irrigation, landscape lighting, gazebos, pergolas, and fences, along with a complete range of seasonal maintenance and service programs.

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