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Northern Virginia Landscaping

How to Create a Fern Garden for Your Northern Virginia Landscape

Known for their gentle, serene beauty ferns add a real sense of depth and texture to any landscape. Unlike most plants, ferns to do not produce flowers, seeds, or fruits, but grow from spores found under mature fronds. Most ferns grow to be only a few feet in height, but come in a seemingly limitless range of textures, colors, and growth or swirl patterns. Ferns come in such a variety of looks that an entire garden created using only ferns offers enough visual interest and lushness to keep your landscape looking unique and beautiful.

Ferns can grow just about anywhere and in any climate provided they have great access to moisture and sufficient shade. When creating a fern garden, make sure the garden location can provide constant moisture and enough shade to keep moisture from evaporating. To add an element of moisture to a part of your landscape, making it a good spot for a fern garden, consider adding a water feature, which still raise the humidity and moisture of that area. Shaded areas under trees are often an ideal location for healthy fern growth. Most ferns, especially those in four-season climates, prefer slightly acidic soil with a great amount of humus.

Many types of ferns are available for purchase and often come potted. To plant a potted fern, knock the plant out of the pot and gently pull the roots apart while removing excess potting soil. Dig a generous hole in the soil and place the plant in the hold, eater well, fill in the sides with good soil, and then firm the soil around the plant. Keep newly-planted ferns well-watered and be sure to space plants far enough apart to allow for growth and air.

Ferns require a low level of maintenance. To allow for healthy, optimal growth, be sure to remove any damaged fronds and debris around the ferns. Slugs are a fern's worst enemy, so to deter slugs from visiting your fern garden, sprinkle a few slug pullets in the springtime. Ferns are very susceptible to insecticides, so keep use to a minimum. For more fern garden and landscaping tips, turn to Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry. Green Acres has provided Northern Virginia communities with expert landscape and hardscape services since 1992.

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