Arlington VA Backyard Drainage
Arlington VA Backyard Drainage

Backyard Drainage Solutions for Arlington Virginia

Arlington VA Backyard Drainage

A constantly damp or wet Arlington Virginia yard is not optimal for lush green grass, but it's perfect for molds, mildew and moss. Whether your yard was never properly graded or it has settled or eroded over time, Green Acres, a landscaping company based in Arlington Virginia, has backyard drainage solutions that can get your grass looking healthy again with no muddy or soggy spots. A backyard drainage system will move the water out of packed soil areas often found in Arlington Virginia and allow your lawn to bounce back to life.

Channeling water away from your home's foundation, patio, driveway, play area or other low-lying areas will prevent pooling, mosquito infestations and serious erosion. Backyard drainage is obviously important in high rainfall areas, but it's also important in areas where you want to retain and direct as much ground water as possible to support gardens, trees and shrubbery. Green Acres has solutions for managing excess water in Arlington Virginia properties before it becomes a continuing problem.

Solutions for backyard drainage include a gravel-filled trench or French drain. This catches and deflects water from elevated areas such as hillsides, roofs, patios and around swimming pool and ponds. These trenches are usually one foot deep by one foot wide, depending on the volume of water that will potentially go through it. The trench is filled with gravel and can extend the length of the yard.

Another backyard drainage fix is the catch basin, usually used in low spots in backyards. They are designed to receive water through a grate when they are placed into a sloping trench with PVC pipe extending from the box along the trench toward a storm drain or dry well. Alternatively, the water can be redirected to plant beds. Professional certified Green Acres landscapers evaluate, design and install backyard drainage systems for Arlington VA area homes and commercial properties.

Contact the experts at Green Acres today to discuss the backyard drainage and landscaping for your Arlington VA home.

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