Arlington VA Yard Flooding
Arlington VA Yard Flooding

Redirect Water to Prevent Arlington VA Backyard Flooding

Arlington VA Backyard Flooding

Rain and poor drainage leaves yards looking sloppy. Giant puddles end up turning backyards into a muddy mess. This situation can leave you stuck inside days after the rain has stopped. Instead of wallowing in the situation, find a way to redirect the water from your Arlington, VA yard and stop backyard flooding for good.


Having clean gutters will do loads of good when it comes to the rainy season. This is an easy fix and doesn’t require much time to complete. Overflow from gutters are often a cause of puddles and backyard flooding. Also, underground water pipes can’t do their job if they are clogged or not in working order.

Downspout Extensions

Make sure water is not coming from the gutter and immediately creating a puddle. Extensions directed down a slope are ideal. Sending the water from the gutter through an extension to a trench or straight to the storm drain is a very efficient way to keep water from creating puddles in your Arlington, VA yard.

Level Yard

If you can noticeable see low spots, fill them with topsoil to moderate the differences in grade. This will make it easier for water to flow evenly across the backyard.


Increasing the elevation at the point of the water source will divert water from the low spot. With the use of topsoil and grass, it will help to prevent erosion.


Cutting a narrow passage through the high spot will keep the water from draining to the lower areas. Putting rocks about the size of small bowling balls in the trench would prevent it from collapsing and therefore keep the passage open. For a more permanent drain-way, use a pipe and cover with gravel for easy access.

These are easy fixes but the best way to ensure that Arlington, VA backyard flooding will come to an end is to hire a professional. Green Acres has the know-how and resources to restore your yard from the muddy mess it has become. Contact Green Acres today!

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