Arlington VA Flagstone Patio
Arlington VA Flagstone Patio

Maintain An Arlington VA Flagstone Patio

Arlington VA Flagstone Patio

More often than not, the maintenance of a project is not considered when purchasing a flagstone patio. If the owners want to continue using their patio and loving the way it looks in Arlington, VA considering the maintenance work is a detrimental factor. The cost to waterproof, clean, and repair a flagstone patio should all be taken into account before signing on the dotted line.


Due to the fact that flagstone is natural stone water damage can occur if not properly sealed. Areas that have harsh minerals, such as alkaline, are especially dangerous to flagstone and may add to the erosion of the stone. Special sealants exist that will specifically seal or waterproof natural stones. If there are already signs of damage or deterioration to an Arlington, VA flagstone patio a trained masonry contractor will replace the damaged stone or stones before applying the sealant. This ensures the whole patio stays damage-free and fresh in appearance.


Flagstone patio maintenance includes a thorough cleaning which is recommended twice per year. Often property owners only opt for a yearly masonry cleaning. Either way, a cleaning solution will cover the flagstone patio and then be rinsed with a pressure washer. An important part of this process is ensuring that the cleaning solution is specifically designed for natural stone.


The sad truth is that repair work will eventually be necessary. Property owners that take especially good care of their patio will likely get a longer use out if it before repairs are needed. Uncontrollable damage to the flagstone is caused by the freeze and thaw between seasons in areas with similar weather to Arlington, VA. Often when these issues occur, the patio will be re-grouted. If cement was used a skilled profession will grind the existing joints and replace them.

Contact the experts at Green Acres to make an appointment for your flagstone patio maintenance work.

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