Masonry Contractor Arlington VA
Masonry Contractor Arlington VA

Masonry Contractor Arlington VA

Arlington VA Masonry

Finding a qualified masonry contractor for an Arlington, VA property is crucial for the successful completion of the project, which is why residents depend on the experts at Green Acres. Founded in 1992, this full service landscaping and masonry company has been creating and installing award winning designs that add lasting beauty and value to the property. The company has built a loyal following of residential and commercial clients by providing exceptional service and value, and are committed to ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. The well trained staff has the experience needed to turn any vision for the property into reality, and this includes employing unique combinations of patterns and types of stone.

Green Acres understands that their clients have questions and concerns when they are looking for a masonry contractor to work on their Arlington, VA property. The staff will be on hand through every step of the project, and will take the time to discuss each stage with their clients. They have also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to provide further assurance to their potential clients. Green Acres knows that the stonework will be a permanent part of the property and that it is important for their customers to be assured that they hired the best.

Some of the questions that anyone should ask when they are looking for a masonry contractor in Arlington, VA can include the following:

1. Is the masonry contractor certified or licensed to work in Arlington, VA?
High quality service is one of the values Green Acres is committed to providing to their clients, and this full service landscape and masonry company knows that this begins with their employees. The stone masons are certified and the general contractors are licensed to work in the state. Insurance during the project will also be provided, but this is something that potential customers will want to verify in person.

2. Is the masonry contractor capable of handling every aspect of the project?
It is not uncommon for property owners to know that they want a walkway, driveway or retaining wall installed, and still be unsure of what it should look like. A qualified masonry contractor will not only be able to recommend specific materials and plan a workable timeline, but also help clients create a design that benefits the property, while also meeting their needs. The masonry contractor should also be able to listen to the customer’s ideas, and implement them whenever possible.

3. Can the masonry contractor work with a variety of materials?
Even certified masonry contractors aren’t always familiar with all types of material, and this can make a difference in the quality of the work. The last thing a property owner wants is to hire a stone mason that isn’t familiar with the materials that are going to be used. Whether it is concrete, pavers, brick or natural stone the masons at Green Acres are familiar with them all. The masonry contractors can even help Arlington, VA property owners select the best one for their project.

4. Does the masonry contractor have prior experience?
While there isn’t anything wrong with giving someone a chance to prove themselves, for some projects knowledge and expertise is required. With over two decades of experience the team at Green Acres is well qualified to work on any project, and their hundreds of award winning designs and landscapes provide their customers with the proof they need.

5. What is the cost and timeframe for the masonry project?
One of the most important questions to ask a masonry contractor before starting work on an Arlington, VA property is the cost and timeframe for the project. Since the initial cost of the project can also change due to complications and problems encountered along the way, this should also be discussed and put into writing. At Green Acres the staff will be on hand through every step of the project. They will strive to finish the project in the agreed upon timeframe, while also staying within budget. If extra costs do occur these will be discussed in detail with the client, and no changes will be made without their approval. This is just one more way Green Acres strives to provide the best service possible to their residential and commercial clients.

6. Who is responsible for purchasing the materials?
Not all masonry contractors purchase the materials for an Arlington, VA project. In some cases it is the responsibility of the property owner. At Green Acres once the material has been agreed upon, the contractor will take responsibility for ordering and seeing that it is delivered to the job site. This not only makes it a little easier for their clients, it also helps to save them money on material fees.

7. Will the masonry contractor remove excess material and trash when the project is finished?
When the project is finished the courteous workers will ensure that all trash and excess material is removed from the property. Green Acres will leave the property in pristine condition so it can be immediately enjoyed by their clients. This attention to every detail from the start of the job until it is finished is only one reason why Green Acres is considered one of the premier landscaping and masonry companies in the area.

No matter the size of the job, Green Acres has the knowledge and experienced needed to ensure that it is done right the first time.

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