Arlington VA Retaining Walls
Arlington VA Retaining Walls

Why Retaining Wall Blocks in Arlington Virginia

Arlington VA Retaining Walls

Dreaming of acres enhanced by landscapes with retaining wall blocks that complement the whole residence? Dreaming of a new landscape with retaining wall block systems? Dream no more. Check in with Arlington Virginia’s Green Acres landscape specialists, leaders in landscape design and installation. Green Acres pros provide expertise to help in the decision making process to make your landscaping retaining wall project successful.

Retaining walls may look like simple stacked stone, block, or timber. But in fact, they're carefully engineered systems that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. And hence, retaining wall block systems must be designed and installed by professionals, such as Green Acres certified landscapers.

Inspiration to realize a private refuge, to add an outdoor entertainment room or to create your ideal landscape is all a possibility with retaining wall block systems. Retaining wall block systems turn inspiration into reality. According to the experts at Green Acres, retaining wall block takes retaining wall construction to a higher level. Construction, alignment and setback are facilitated with this beveled wall block’s patented rear lip design and larger facial profile.

Wall block retaining walls are also available in straight or striated face styles with a wide variety of colors and blends that allow for other projects in Arlington Virginia homes, including: electing to remove sets of cross-ties in favor of retaining wall block systems along long, sloping entrances to homes; widening driveways to twice original size; excavating land to create more parking; and building three-tiered retaining walls to create more usable space on properties.

Retaining wall blocks also called segmented retaining walls, interlocking-block systems from are mortar-free and easy to assemble. Units are small and modular, so walls can taper, turn, wrap, and curve. Customers of Green Acres like the fact that retaining wall blocks are available in many textures, shapes, and colors. These retaining wall block engineered systems can be used for walls up to 20 feet high, and rely on several techniques including:

  • Keyed, battered design (block shapes key into one another and are stacked so they lean into the hillside)
  • Backfill trap (block shapes allow backfill to be shoveled into the block webbing, trapping each block individually)
  • Geo-grid webs (block maker supplies geo-grid plastic-net tiebacks that attach to the block and are buried 5 feet in the hillside at specific heights).

Arlington Virginia home and property owners rely on Green Acres to provide the best retaining wall blocks for the landscape of their dreams.

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We needed two driveways completely redone. Green Acres did both and we're really happy with them. They look good and they've been durable.

— Bob, Vienna VA.

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