Arlington VA Retaining Walls
Arlington VA Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Design - Form or Function in Arlington Virginia

Arlington VA Retaining Walls

There has always been an age old debate over what’s more important - form or function. For customers of Green Acres, an Arlington Virginia full service landscaping company, retaining walls function is of utmost priority in their landscapes, but has never meant that retaining wall form be neglected. According to the pros at Green Acres, there are many ways to make small or large, simple or complex retaining wall design visually pleasing, and both attractive and functional. If designed well and constructed with quality materials, a retaining wall can be an Arlington Virginia property’s focal point for many, many years.

When it comes to the retaining wall design, some designers like to jog a wall instead of using a single straight barrier because it's more appealing from a spatial standpoint. There is more interplay with space. L-shaped spaces create the possibility of seating opportunities that are best for human interaction. They are visual, social and functional — superior to a single straight wall. Designing a retaining wall with jogs makes a more stable design structure too because lateral earth load is diffused in different directions, which reduces pressure on the wall. With jogged walls, Green Acres specialists say they use one continuous footing even though they appear to be separate structures.

Retaining wall design can create a rare example of how sleek contemporary lines can be combined with naturalistic stone to create a most innovative visual dynamic. Step back systems use a single footing to support a series of powerful horizontal retaining walls composed of a structural core veneered in thin flagstone. The alternating connectors feature the look of a dry stone wall which plays nicely against the rigidity of the longer runs. Walls with perpendicular connectors result in a stronger retaining wall design overall. In Arlington Virginia, they are more conducive to attractive planting and offer more spaces for human interaction than a single long wall.

Retaining wall design incorporates materials from innovative colorful wall blocks to railroad ties, to timbers to boulders to stone facings. All providing functionality with incredible beauty and form in Arlington Virginia area home and commercial sites.

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