Stone Masonry Contractor Arlington VA
Stone Masonry Contractor Arlington VA

Stone Masonry Contractor Arlington VA

Arlington VA Stone Masonry

A stone masonry contractor is a great resource Arlington, VA property owners can take advantage of. Deciding that a walkway, patio, driveway or retaining wall is needed is easy, but designing and installing it requires skill, knowledge and experience. A qualified stone masonry contractor will be able to guide Arlington, VA property owners through this process, and offer recommendations that will ensure that the project is a success.

Green Acres is dedicated to meeting all of their clients landscaping and masonry needs, and with more than two decades of experience they are well qualified to tackle any project. They are committed to providing their residential and commercial clients with the best service possible, and to ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. When a stone masonry contractor is needed property owners in Arlington, VA know that they can depend on the professionals at Green Acres.

Before hiring a stone masonry contractor there are a few questions that property owners will want to ask to ensure that they are getting a qualified professional.

1. Does the stone mason have experience working with different types of materials?

Some stone masons are only familiar with a few types of material and this can affect the outcome of the project. At Green Acres the stone masonry contractor is capable of working with all types of material from brick and stone to pavers and even concrete. This gives Green Acres a unique advantage over their competition, while also ensuring that the project will turn out to the client’s exact specifications.

2. Are the contractors licensed or certified?

Before hiring a stone masonry contractor to work on an Arlington, VA property it is important to make sure that they are licensed to operate in the state. It is also recommended to check for certification for added assurance that the stone mason is familiar with the tools and materials of the trade. At Green Acres their experienced contractors are licensed and insured so their customers can be assured that they hired the best.

3. Is the stone mason capable of cutting and laying various patterns?

A hardscaped surface can be more than just functional, it can also add beauty and definition to the property. One of the areas that Green Acres excels at is creating and installing uniquely patterned hardscapes. Whether it is a patio, drive or walkway the stone masons at Green Acres can cut and install almost any pattern the property owner can envision.

4. Are there references from other clients available?

With hundreds of award winning landscape designs and a long list of satisfied customers, potential clients can rest assured that they are hiring the best when they contact Green Acres. The stone masonry contractor will provide their Arlington, VA clients with plenty of references, and all estimates are free. This is just one more way this full service landscaping and masonry company strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

5. When will the work be completed?

Even the best stone masonry contractor can experience problems on an Arlington, VA property. This can cause extensions on the deadline, along with increasing the initial estimate. Green Acres will provide their residential and business clients with an expected deadline, along with a free estimate. While the skilled crew will strive to stay on time and within budget, issues can cause this to change. Since the stone masonry contractor will be on hand through every stage of the project, any issues can be immediately discussed with the property owner. Not only does this help to keep the project on schedule and budget, it provides added assurance that the job will be done right the first time.

6. Will the property need to be prepared before the project begins?

Sometimes work needs to be done to the property before the project can start, and in some cases this can be the responsibility of the client. Knowing this ahead of time can save time and money, especially if the hardscaping company charges extra for this service. At Green Acres during the initial inspection of the property any work that needs to be done ahead of time will be discussed. Whether it is removing bramble and overgrowth or grading an area, the staff at Green Acres will ensure that it gets done. In most cases the prep work is included in the initial estimate.

7. Who is responsible for purchasing the materials and cleaning up afterwards?

When the stone masonry contractor for the Arlington, VA project is from Green Acres, this full service company will take care of all of the details. Once the design and type of material has been agreed upon, the contractor will ensure that it is ordered and delivered. Once the project is completed the courteous team will clean up any excess material and debris so the property is ready to be enjoyed. It is this attention to every detail that has made Green Acres one of the premier landscaping and masonry companies in Northern Virginia.

Green Acres understands how important curb appeal is for a home or business. The experienced employees have the skill and knowledge needed to turn their clients’ visions for their properties into reality. They can provide helpful recommendations and create stunning designs that will add lasting beauty and value to any residential or commercial property. With more than twenty years of experience in the area, Green Acres is more than qualified to meet their clients’ needs.

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We chose Green Acres for our landscape design because a friend had used them. We are really glad we did. Our new patio looks great.

— Shula, Falls Church VA.

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