Alexandria VA Drainage and Erosion
Alexandria VA Drainage and Erosion

Alexandria VA Drainage and Erosion

Alexandria VA Flooding

Property owners in Northern Virginia might be used to wet ground and puddles, but many aren’t aware that the excess water could be causing damage. Drainage and erosion problems are common on Alexandria, VA properties, and they can have devastating effects if they aren’t effectively resolved. For over twenty years the professionals at Green Acres have been meeting the landscaping needs of their residential and commercial customers. This full-service landscaping company has the knowledge and experience needed to resolve any drainage and erosion problem an Alexandria, VA property owner might be facing. As important as it is for the safety of the property owners and well-being of the environment, it’s understandable that customers have plenty of questions. Some of the questions the experts at Green Acres commonly answer include the following.

1. Why is drainage and erosion control important for Alexandria, VA properties?

When there isn’t adequate drainage the excessive water can pool, and this can create a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects. Not only can this make the property unusable, it could also become a health and safety hazard. The excess water runoff can also erode the soil around plantings and underneath buildings, resulting in expensive repairs.

2. Does experience really matter in a drainage and erosion control specialist?

If home owners want to rest assured that their drainage and erosion problems on their Alexandria, VA properties were effectively resolved, then experience does matter. Green Acres has over two decades of experience in the area, and this makes them uniquely qualified to find innovative solutions that also fit their clients’ budgets. Their certified landscape technicians and licensed contractors will ensure that the finished project meets and exceeds their clients’ expectations, and they won’t leave until they hear that the property owner is completely satisfied.

3. What type of solutions are available?

There are several methods that Green Acres commonly employs to manage water runoff and control soil erosion. Their years of experience ensures that they have the skill needed to create the right one for the property. Some of the ones often used include retaining walls, drains, dry stream beds and even certain plantings. They will work closely with their clients and carefully evaluate the property to find a solution that works best for the home owner and the environment.

4. Can the drainage and erosion solution look attractive?

The skilled designers and landscape technicians will carefully choose materials that add lasting beauty to the property, while also being effective at resolving the drainage and erosion problem. Green Acres understands that their clients view their properties as an investment, and will make sure that their solution will won’t detract from its value.

It is this commitment to their clients that has made Green Acres one of the premier landscaping companies in the area.

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We needed two driveways completely redone. Green Acres did both and we're really happy with them. They look good and they've been durable.

— Bob, Vienna VA.

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