Falls Church VA Drainage and Erosion
Falls Church VA Drainage and Erosion

Falls Church VA Drainage and Erosion

Falls Church VA Flooding

Winter snows and spring rains are common in Northern Virginia. Residents are used to the ground being wet, sometimes for days in a row. Even though wet, marshy ground might be common, this doesn’t mean that it is beneficial for the property. Excess water can not only turn the ground into a swamp, it can also damage the property.

Drainage and erosion issues on Falls Church, VA properties are the most common problems caused by excess water. The runoff can cause established plantings and flower beds to wash away, and even erode the soil under building foundations. Over time this will not only result in expensive repairs, it can also make the structure potentially unsafe and unlivable. Even if the lack of drainage doesn’t result in soil erosion, it can still cause damage to the property. When water is allowed to pool on a property it often becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos and this can make the property unusable, especially during the hot, humid summers.

When drainage and erosion problems are a concern on Falls Church, VA properties, residents know that they can rely on the professionals at Green Acres. This full-service landscaping company has been meeting needs of their residential and commercial clients in Northern Virginia for over twenty years. They are familiar with the weather and soil conditions that are unique to the area, and this makes Green Acres well qualified to address any drainage and erosion issues that Falls Church, VA property owners often encounter. The certified landscapers, designers and technicians will work closely with property owners to find a solution that is right for them. Green Acres understands that every property is different, and this is why they take the time to carefully inspect each one during the consultation.

Some of the innovative drainage and erosion solutions commonly employed on Falls Church, VA properties include,

  • Retaining walls
  • French and channel drains
  • Stream Rocks
  • Plant placement designed for erosion control

The talented staff at Green Acres will ask the right questions to help their clients realize their dreams for their properties. They will carefully choose the materials used so it is not only functional, but also attractive. Whether it is an artfully designed bed with the right types of plants or a retaining wall, close attention will be paid to every detail so it will add lasting beauty and value to the property. Green Acres understands that their clients’ properties are an investment, and are committed to providing them with the best possible service at a competitive price.

Since the company was founded in 1992, Green Acres has been dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional service, and they look forward to continuing their tradition of excellence for another twenty years.

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