Fairfax VA Backyard Flooding
Fairfax VA Backyard Flooding

4 Drainage Systems That Stop Fairfax VA Backyard Flooding

Fairfax VA Backyard Drainage

When homeowners spend good money on their yard, it is a shame to see it go to waste. Backyard flooding plagues many homes in the Fairfax, VA area. Without a proper drainage system your yard could be under water. If your home is on the base of a slope, this will only increase the chances of flooding. The problem would become significantly worse if your home became flooded due to the water not being able to drain from your yard quick enough.

Checking a Fairfax, VA property for flooding issues prior to purchasing it is the best way to prevent issues of this matter. Understandably, property owners tend to discover these problems later on leaving them with the only option of finding a lasting solution. City council websites may list specific solutions for backyard flooding pertaining to the area the property is located, especially if the area is prone to heaving raining.

French Drains

When there is water accumulating in one specific area of your Fairfax, VA yard; a trench can be dug in the soil to redirect the water to an area better suited for it such as a storm drain. This solution is recommended for properties that have minimal problem spots.

Dry Wells

Properties with major backyard flooding issues could see their problems solved with the use of a dry well. Water being collected in the well would be distributed into the soil over the course of many days through connected pipes and tubes. The dry well is best located at a much lower level then the property itself.

Sump Pumps

The most effective method is also the most expensive to install. A sump pump pulls water from the ground by way of suction and transports, or pumps, it to a distant location. After the Sump pump has been put in a pit dug to hold it, water fills the hole, and the pump turns on to drain the water away.

Curtain Drains

This water drainage system carries water downhill through drain pipes surrounded by stone and cover with a filtered cloth. The gravel that covers the pipe is especially helpful in the event that repairs are needed.

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