Fairfax VA Stone Retaining Walls
Fairfax VA Stone Retaining Walls

Fairfax VA Landscaping Stone Walls

Fairfax VA Retaining Walls

With its rugged, natural look, a stone wall can bring the charm of the English countryside to any yard or garden. Natural-Stone walls are the oldest and longest lasting type of wall. Stone walls can also enhance the landscaping for your Fairfax, VA home and may allow the addition of plants in areas that wouldn’t be possible without the wall.

Many Fairfax VA homeowners may think that retaining walls are just stacks of stone that is easily designed and constructed. Really, any retaining wall needed for structural support and must be carefully engineered in order to protect slopes vulnerable to erosion and gravity. To do their job, retaining walls for your Fairfax VA landscape must be professionally designed and installed in terms of excavation, grading, slope stabilization and erosion control.

While retaining walls may appear like simple stacks of stone, they’re much more than that; when properly executed, they’re a beautiful and effective way to enhance and protect your Fairfax VA landscape by holding back soil when there is a difference in elevation. Retaining walls can also be used to create additional usable outdoor areas.

Proper Fairfax VA retaining walls must be build on suitable bases with a good support system of compacted soil, sand, and gravel. Retaining walls must also have properly compacted backfill dirt behind them, and be constructed in a manner that allows for efficient drainage, since water can’t pass through most retaining walls. Landscape professionals must also take the height of retaining walls into consideration, as the height of retaining walls determines the load they can bear and how much extra reinforcement is necessary.

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