Falls Church VA Backyard Flooding
Falls Church VA Backyard Flooding

Causes Of Falls Church VA Backyard Flooding

Falls Church VA Backyard Drainage

Puddles are not only displeasing to the eye but can cause damage to one’s yard including removing grass seed from the soil and damaging the root system of the grass. Learning what is causing backyard flooding on your Fall Church, VA property will bring you one step closer to solving the issue.


A lawn that is located at the bottom of a hill in Falls Church, VA is bound to end up with a puddle or two. Rain or melting snow only makes the situation worse. Homes located on a slope could have puddle issues, but if it is only minor then leveling or re-grading may be an easy solution. Homes located on larger slopes may find the solution to be in the installation a drainage ditch or another system that prevents backyard flooding.


Certain kinds of soil do not absorb water very well and therefore cause backyard flooding such as clay. Adding a layer of top soil a few times a year will increase the level of absorbency of the lawn. Leaving mulch on your lawn when you mow adds organic matter to the top layer of your soil. Another issue could be that there is too much foot or vehicle traffic which makes the soil compacted and less absorbent. Try aerating the lawn and building a path to encourage others to stay off of the lawn.

High Water Table

The amount of water that is able to be absorbed by the soil is affected by the water table. It can be difficult to deal with high water tables, which are especially common in spring because of melting snow, due to the fact that re-grading a lawn will not fix the issue. It requires a more permanent solution: A drainage system. Hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done right the first time in your Fall Church, VA yard.

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