Falls Church VA Drainage
Falls Church VA Drainage

Solutions for Falls Church VA Drainage Problems

Falls Church VA Drainage

Green Acres Landscape professionals know how to diagnose a home’s drainage problems and what to do about it. When called on to fix a Falls Church Virginia property dealing with drainage problems, the first thing the pros do is to test current drainage.

Green Acres landscape experts, based in Arlington Virginia, will find out what's going on under-ground with this simple test. They dig a hole about two feet deep and as wide. Fill it to the top with water. If it drains away within an hour your drainage is excellent. If it takes 12 hours to drain, there may be drainage problems with your Falls Church Virginia . If it takes more than 24 hours to drain, then there is a serious problem that could impact the deep root zone of trees and shrubs.

Builders don't always get their grades right and water becomes trapped, causing muddy zones in lawns and planting areas. A new drainage plan, designed and recommended by the experts at Green Acres may utilize surface grading to ensure there is enough fall angle to drain. If there is not, another option must be found.

Homesites in Falls Church Virginia with clay soils suffer with lingering surface water and drain-age problems. In theory, properties are graded to drain. The reality often is that water cannot find its proper way to drain off the site, and drainage problems arise for Falls Church Virginia homeowners.

Where hardpan layers exist, as in some Falls Church Virginia properties, the entire site may suf-fer drainage problems with poor drainage and standing water. This is too great a challenge for spot solutions. Green Acres landscape pros, who offer the best guarantees in the industry - in-cluding five years on all hardscapes, recommend a site-wide grading and drainage plan with an underground system of pipes fed by drop inlets or trench drains as the optimum solution to ef-fectively deal with overall drainage problems. Easy to install plastic piping makes it easier to move water off site and directly into the storm drain and hence, solve drainage problems.

Where there is a drainage problems in Falls Church Virginia, the experienced landscapers at Green Acres will have a solution.

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We chose Green Acres for our landscape design because a friend had used them. We are really glad we did. Our new patio looks great.

— Shula, Falls Church VA.

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