Falls Church VA Flagstone Patio
Falls Church VA Flagstone Patio

Falls Church VA Flagstone Patio

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio adds a distinctive note to your home. They are durable, easy to maintain and attractive. Every flagstone patio is unique because the stones vary so much, in shape, coloring and size.

When you want to create a standout patio, one that can handle all of your entertaining with ease, flagstone is an excellent choice. Here is a look at 5 benefits of a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA.

It’s Beautiful

Flagstone is an umbrella term that refers to several types of stone. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shades, thicknesses and shapes. Here is a look at their colors and other characteristic features.

Bluestone. This comes in numerous shades of blue, but also purple and gray. It has a classic look and is flat with a rough texture.

Sandstone. The most common type is Arizona flagstone. It comes in a range of soft pastel shades, including beige, buckskin gold, pink and dark red. It has an earthy look that works well in contemporary designs.

Quartzite. This has a very smooth and glossy surface. It comes in gold, tan, silver, blues, greens and grays.

Limestone. It is available in shades of gray, blue, brown and tan. The surface has a natural split that can be polished. It works well in elegant designs.

Travertine. This comes in brown, gravy-blue and various tan shades. It has a weathered look, complete with pitted holes.

Basalt. This is available in black, beige and gray. It has a very light texture.

Slate. This has a flaky, soft surface that gives it an antique appearance. It comes in copper, silver gray and green.

With all these choices, it is easy to find a type of rock, or several types, that will work for your design. Natural rock with its varying textures, striations and colorings can add depth and beauty to an everyday patio.

It’s Strong

Because it is made of stone, a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA, is tough. It doesn’t deteriorate or flake. It can handle temperature extremes, snow, ice and rain. The stones look great even in high-traffic areas. Flagstone is a dense, low-absorption material. This means it doesn’t experience problems during freeze-and-thaw conditions.

These patios must be constructed by experts in order to stay functional. They need a strong and properly engineered base so each flagstone stays in position. A flagstone patio that is designed and installed by experts will last for 30 years or more.

It’s Safe

A flagstone patio is one of the safest you can install. The stones naturally have a rough, cleft texture, which offers traction even in wet weather. Their non-slip surface makes them perfect for patios that are close to pools.

It’s Easy to Maintain

The stones of a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA, requires minimal upkeep to keep its good looks over the years. The stones are very dense, so they don’t share wear easily. Flagstone is sealed when the patio is built. This fills the pores to help resist spills and stains.

A flagstone patio just needs the sweeping to get rid of leaves and debris. If the debris stays on the stones for an extended period, it can cause staining. So it is a good idea to sweep regularly. If stains or dirt collects, hosing it down gets rid of most problems. Home improvement centers also sell flagstone cleaner for mold or deep stains.

If the flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA, needs repair, the work can be targeted to the precise area where the problem is. There is no need to rip up and reinstall an entire area. You can take out the cracked or stained stone and replace just the one component.

It’s One-of-a-Kind

The two most popular types of patterns for a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA, are random rectangular and irregular, or crazy, paving. Each choice provides a limitless choice of variations that gives every patio its very own look.

Random rectangular. This creates a formal look. The rectangle form gives the design continuity, while the staggered joints break up the pattern. With this design, it is easier to move around patio furniture because it is mortared and the surface is smoother.

Crazy paving. This type of design gives your patio a casual air. Because the pattern is irregular, it tends to put the focus on the natural shape of each stone. It can be harder to move around patio chairs and other furniture because of the rough edges of the stone. The best furniture has wide, sturdy legs.

Work with Professionals

Here at Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry, we understand how to design and install a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA, that gives you years of beauty and usability. We have been serving the local community since 1992. In that time, we have earned a reputation for distinctive designs and quality craftsmanship. Our patios last for decades, increasing your usable living space and increasing the curb appeal of your home.

Our team of craftspeople is highly trained and experienced with flagstones and other natural materials. We know how to bring out the beauty of the stone by creating a one-of-a-kind design. The patios we build are easy to maintain and stand up to kids, pets and lots of entertaining.

Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry handles a wide variety of outdoor projects, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Patios made with flagstone and other materials
  • Walkways
  • Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden walls
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Water features
  • Drainage and erosion control solutions
  • Landscaping and maintenance
  • Driveways

Call Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry today for a free, no-obligation quote for a flagstone patio in Falls Church, VA.

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