Falls Church VA French Drains
Falls Church VA French Drains

Keep Your Falls Church VA French Drain Clean and Debris Free

Falls Church VA Drainage

Here at Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry, we love French drain systems and think they are a great solution to water problems. However, we also know that these systems (especially outdoor ones) will often become clogged over the years. We have seen this happen around Falls Church, VA from time to time, and it can lead to frustration if the system starts to fail due to a clog. Thankfully, there are a few different ways now to help prevent this problem from happening.

The first and most obvious line of defense in a French drain is the gravel placed in the trench around the perforated pipe. This gravel stops the dirt around the trench from getting into the pipe and clogging it up. This is what keeps the bulk of external materials from reaching the pipe. After many years though, the dirt and sediments around the trench will eventually drift past some of the gravel and get into the pipes. As a second line of defense against this, it is a good idea to wrap the pipes in a filter. This is any type of permeable material, often a non-woven fabric that will let the water through it, but block out any outside materials such as dirt and debris. Having these added to French drains around Falls Church, VA is a good idea, because in time, all pipes that are not properly treated will start to become clogged.

If you are about to lay a French drain, it might be a good idea to ask the installer about filter options as well. For those of you who already have a French drain, and you know it is starting to become clogged, make sure to have a filter added at the same time as you get it unclogged. Otherwise you’re just going to have to continue unclogging it every few years. Taking good care of your Falls Church, VA home means taking care of problems like this before they happen. As any long-time homeowner will tell you, preventative measures are always the best way to make a home last for a long time.

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