Falls Church VA French Drain
Falls Church VA French Drain

French Drain To The Rescue in Falls Church VA

Falls Church VA Drainage

There are occasions when Falls Church Virginia property owners dealing with site drainage problems find the only answer to fixing the water problems in dense soils is the French Drain.

The French drain is an age old drainage solution that gathers water and provides a place un-derground where it may take its time percolating down through dense soils. It is essentially a trench that is dug to any depth and filled with gravel and possibly a perforated drain line. Roofing felt or geotextiles are laid over the top of the gravel and the soil replaced. The surrounding area is graded to drain to this trench so water no longer gathers on the surface to create problems. Falls Church Virginia property owners, whether residential or commercial, rely on the experts at Green Acres to provide answers for drainage issues, such as constructing the French Drain as a solution. The advent of easy to install plastic piping in a french drain makes it easier to move water off site and directly into a storm drain.

Landscape experts at Green Acres, located in Arlington Virginia, agree that the capacity to col-lect and disperse water is better in a wide French drain for Falls Church home and commercial property owners. This is a common sense type thing. Much more water can flow through a10 inch channel compared to a 6” channel. The goal is to allow as much of the collected water as possible to soak into the subsoil in dryer parts of the property, and a length of French drain that is 12 inches wide has twice the drainage area as a 6 inch wide trench. There are also small drywells that can be added to the bottom of the French drain.

The most difficult problem in installing French drains in Falls Church Virginia properties may be figuring out where to channel the water. An "obvious" solution is channeling the runoff toward the road (where the town's drainage system will take care of it). The ideal French Drain leach field would be an out-of-the-way area with sandy soil, through which the water could percolate harmlessly.

Often in Falls Church Virginia, where hardpan soil layers exist, the entire site can suffer poor drainage and standing water. A site-wide grading and drainage plan with an underground system of pipes fed by drop inlets, trench drains and french drains is the solution.

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