Falls Church VA Drainage
Falls Church VA Drainage

In Falls Church VA - Good Backyard Drainage Does Good Neighbors Make

Falls Church VA Drainage

Backyard drainage and flooding can leak into basements and fill up storm drains. Backyard drainage can also affect adjacent neighbors by leaking onto their property. Inadequate backyard drainage and soggy annoyances are not an unavoidable part of a rainy spring , summer or fall in Falls Church Virginia. Homeowners there find they have to take measures to regain the usefulness and dryness of a backyard setting, often for their property and their neighbors.. According to the landscape specialists at Green Acres, based in Arlington Virginia, a plan to ameliorate backyard drainage problems can be developed to keep drainage issues in your own backyard and not your neighbors.

Backyard drainage and yard grading in Falls Church Virginia dictates: Always grading your lawn so water flows away from the foundation of your house. Drainage and grading are an obvious concern in rainy climates, but even in areas with little rainfall, proper grading can prevent problems such as water puddling in the landscape or backyard draining towards the foundation.

According to the landscape experts at Green Acres, backyard drainage in Falls Church Virginia is often best accomplished by a swale. A swale is an area of the lawn which is carefully graded to direct water. A swale need not be obvious. It can be as little as a 1 inch drop every 10 feet to provide enough flow for it to be effective

Landscaping plants can be a great drainage solution for backyard drainage areas with a small amount of excess water. Red-twig dogwoods, willows, and many native plants in each region are well-adapted to soggy conditions found in Falls Church Virginia.

A French drain is the most well-known type of outdoor backyard drainage system. A French drain directs water to a drain rather than dispersing it within the landscape.

A newer type of backyard drainage system is called a dry well. A dry well is an environmentally-friendly alternative to a French drain, because it discharges the storm water on-site. Downspouts or drains are directed to an underground storage well. The water slowly filters out of the well and eventually ends up back in the groundwater tables.

Green Acres specialists in backyard drainage also recommend corrugated plastic tubes as an inexpensive solution for backyard drainage, for directing water from downspouts in homes in Falls Church Virginia. It’s simply a corrugated tube made of plastic which sits over the end of the downspout and can be buried underground to direct water within the landscape to disburse, or to a drain.

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