Falls Church VA Drainage
Falls Church VA Drainage

Essential to Landscaping and Landscape Design in Falls Church Virginia is Yard Drainage

Falls Church VA Yard Drainage

Without good landscape design upfront that analyzes and determines the lay of the land, Falls Church Virginia homeowners will have invested in long term problems with their site’s yard drainage.

Good landscape contractors, like the experts at Green Acres, based in Arlington Virginia, will analyze the nature of your Falls Church Virginia yard, and may "shoot the grades" to establish the exact topography no matter how flat the site may seem. Spot elevations tell the design ex-perts where problems lie so that they can solve them through design. And inevitably, Falls Church Virginia property owners find the plan for yard drainage leads to living in a home free of water problems.

Ground water can play an important role in yard drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall pat-terns. In the low lying areas of Falls Church Virginia, the water table can be inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of yard drainage problems for construction and limit planting options.

One solution for high water table landscapes affecting yard drainage is to raise the planting are-as, an expensive but effective option for Falls Church Virginia homes. Raised planter heights can vary according to what the a Green Acres landscape designer wants to grow there. For trees and large shrubs, the size of such planters must be greater to keep the root crown high and dry. The root crown is a woody structure at the base of the trunk from which roots diverge out into the soil. Where planting is limited to smaller shrubs and perennials, the depth of the planter may be shallow and thus less expensive. The challenge to Green Acres landscape designers is to work with the property owner to balance the cost of raised beds with the benefits of proposed planting.

Green Acres landscape professional have the expertise to assess yard drainage problems and recommend the right solutions in your Falls Church Virginia home.

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