Erosion Falls Church VA
Erosion Falls Church VA

Ways to Prevent Erosion in your Falls Church, VA Yard

Drainage Falls Church VA Yard

Do you stay in Falls Church, VA, and maintain a landscape in your home? If you are, it is likely that your landscape has to survive many forces of nature. Examples of these forces include water and wind. If your landscape does not hold itself together, erosion may happen. Not only does erosion make your landscape look bad, it can uproot your plants, causing damage to your garden. Erosion can also cause pesticides and fertilizers to leak into the soil to slide into your waterways.

There are many factors that cause the erosion of a landscape. One is excess water and moisture in the soil. In Falls Church, VA, landscape soil tends to be wet due to rainfall and the icy winter. This moisture may cause the soil to be heavy and create hydrostatic pressure, causing the soil to want to flatten. When the pressure is strong enough, erosion will occur. If there are strong winds, this may cause the soil to shift and tend towards a flatter structure as well.

In view of the dangers of erosion, there are a few options you can take to prevent it from happening. One is to use plants to absorb the moisture in the soil. Its root will take in water in the soil for photosynthesis. The roots will also hold the soil in place and reduce runoff from the soil.

Another solution is to control the steepness of any slopes that you may have in your landscape. The steeper the slope is, the easier it erodes. If your landscape must have steep slopes, use a retaining wall to hold that area in place. Do remember to install a drainage system in that wall. Otherwise, the moist soil may still exert enough pressure to buckle the retaining wall.

So if you are staying in Falls Church, VA, take note of the possibility of erosion in your landscape. Use the above steps to implement a solution to prevent erosion in your landscape.

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