Falls Church VA Retaining Walls
Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

Importance of a Retaining Wall Drainage System in Falls Church VA

Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

It is common for houses in Falls Church, VA, to have retaining walls. If you are staying there, chances are that you noticed as well. Retaining walls can be made from many different materials, for example wood, concrete or rocks. No matter what the material it was built from, the retaining wall drainage is crucial in determining the lifespan of the wall.

When the wall is holding in dry soil, it exerts very little pressure on the retaining wall. However, when the soil that the wall is holding is wet, the hydrostatic pressure builds up and it may cause the wall to start to buckle. Moisture can come from many sources, for example, from groundwater or from rain fall.

When the wall starts to buckle, necessary (and sometimes expensive) repairs are around the corner. To prevent the wall from buckling, a retaining wall drainage system can be installed prolong its life.

Ideally, the retaining wall drainage system should be installed when the wall itself is built for the first time. However, if you already have the wall built without a drainage system, do not fret. You can still hire a landscaping company in Falls Church, VA, to modify your wall and install a drainage system. The general idea of a drainage system is to create, through excavation, a place where water can be funnels out of the wall. One way to do this is to have weep holes in the wall. These weep holes sometimes contain a pipe that let water go through the wall.

The second way to keep the soil behind the wall dry is to use a drain pipe. Gravel is placed just behind the wall. Water will be sucked towards the gravel area and enter the pipes that lead down the end of the retaining wall. At the end of the wall, the water can either be lead to flow out onto the ground, or into another drainage system.

Rain and icy conditions near winter in Falls Church, VA, can cause some serious moisture buildup in the soil behind your wall. Prevent the need for a major repair in the future by installing retaining wall drainage.

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