Falls Church VA Retaining Walls
Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

Enjoy the Beauty of Rock Walls in Falls Church VA

Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

When you drive through Falls Church, VA, you may notice many rock walls in the area. The rock walls give a luxurious feel to the landscape of any home. Imagine that in your home. It will certainly make your home look like a high-end resort. That, coupled with a beautiful garden, is enough to make any of your guests’ jaws drop when they see it.

Installing rock walls is certainly not an easy job. It is not recommended that you try to install it yourself. Given the weight of the rocks, more heavy equipment is needed to put the rocks in place. There are many landscaping and masonry companies in Falls Church, VA, that can help you install it. Skills are also needed to make the rocks in the wall fit together. Due to rock shapes not being uniform or identical, it has to be arranged in a certain way that makes it fit well and still look visually appealing.

Besides having that classy and natural look, the rock walls are very strong, allowing it to retain its shape and structure for a long time. Rock walls have been used for an extremely long time. If you ever travel around Western Europe, you will find that many of the beautiful and rustic Roman ruins which are still standing feature rock walls.

There is also no need to use a compacted base beneath the rock walls, saving you the cost of installing a base. Maintenance is generally a breeze, since rocks do not rot or rust. Most of the hard work required is invested upfront. After that you can enjoy the rock wall for a very long time.

If you are living in place like Falls Church, VA, you are likely to be surrounded by beautiful nature. What better way to respect your surroundings then to have rock walls, something straight from nature, installed in your landscape.

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