Falls Church VA Retaining Walls
Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

Wood Retaining Walls in Falls Church VA

Falls Church VA Retaining Walls

Living in the Falls Church, VA allows many options you can take advantage of to beautify the landscape in your home. Make your home the envy of your neighbors by installing a wood retaining wall in your landscape. Not only does this give your home a more rustic look, it can help keep your landscape neat and make the overall maintenance much easier.

Many good landscaping companies in Falls Church, VA, can help you install the wood retaining wall. Given the generous availability of wood in the area, the materials for the wall can be bought without costing you an arm and a leg. Given that the wood retaining wall requires few tools compared to other types of retaining walls, it can be installed quickly. If you would like a ‘green’ look in your garden, wood helps adds to that visual effect as it looks natural and blends in with plants easily.

However, before you install the wood retaining wall, you need to ascertain whether it is the right kind of wall for your landscape. Although it may look good compared to other materials, it does have a limited amount of strength when it comes to holding things like plant beds. A good rule of thumb is that the retaining wall will hold a plant bed of up to 2 foot tall. If the plant bed is any taller than that and you should look at another material like concrete or stone for the retaining wall.

A wood retaining wall may also rot over time. Wood can decay due to certain types of fungus, and termite attacks. It does not help that the moisture from watering the plant beds helps accelerate this process. This kind of decay can weaken the structure of wood, causing quite significant strength loss. After some time, you may have to replace the wood if you see the structure starting to buckle over time.

Even so, if you are willing to keep close eye on it and maintain your wood retaining wall, then it can add so much visual appeal to your landscape. This is particularly true in Falls Church, VA, where the landscaping for most homes is so beautifully done.

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