Tysons Corner VA Backyard Flooding
Tysons Corner VA Backyard Flooding

Plants That Are Not Affected by Tysons Corner Backyard Flooding

Tysons Corner VA Backyard Plants

Something that all places have in common that experience backyard flooding is that they are in a wet climate. Homes in Tyson’s Corner, VA know the struggle. Anyone looking for a natural way to get rid of the puddles in their yard has likely thought of planting something that would take the water.

Kill the Myth

It is thought that some trees use an abnormal amount of water to grow; that it has the ability to keep a once wet area dry. This isn’t true. Even trees like willows, bald cypress, eastern red cedar, and river birch do take well to very wet areas but don’t keep all the water that it has sucked up. Some mature trees can take up as much as 100 gallons of water per day, but will not keep all of it. These four big trees will ‘sweat’ out the excess water. It may a way of make room for its roots to breath or a larger version of a sump and pump. Either way the water is ending up in generally the same area as it drips from its leaves to the ground. These certain trees can also survive in dry spells. This is an important thing to know because most ‘wet places’ are not that way year round.

Even if there aren’t plants that will dry up a wet spot, there are plants that will love being a lot of water in Tyson’s Corner, VA. A wet garden might be a good use of the trouble area; or using extensions from the gutter to your flower bed or garden could be a good way to use the excess water that falls on your lawn.

Call Green Acres

Since there is no sure-fire way to naturally fix backyard flooding, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to put a stop to the muddy mess on your Tyson’s Corner, VA lawn. Call Green Acres to receive a quote.

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