Vienna VA Stone Patios
Vienna VA Stone Patios

What to Consider before Adding a Vienna VA Flagstone Patio

Vienna Va Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is a popular material for outdoor flooring in areas such as the garden, patio, walkway or driveway. Choosing the specifics of your flagstone creation can be overwhelming considering there are so many options. Rest assured that once the project is complete in your Vienna, VA yard, it will be around for years to come without ever going out of style.

Fit it in

Make sure that the design and color of the flagstone matches the rest of the exterior look of the Vienna, VA house design. Creating a uniform look will ensure that the area is not overdone. Before breaking ground, make sure that the entire idea is complete and do not change midway.


Formal or informal flagstone patios have different shapes to the stones. Generally, formal flagstone patios are made up of stones that have been cut by saw to have simpler edges. On the other hand, informal or a rustic flagstone patio is made up of a variety of assorted shaped stones that are fitted together in a complimentary fashion.

Adding Steps

Complete the look of your Vienna, VA flagstone patio by adding steps made of flagstone. They will allow the area to flow seamlessly from one area to another. Not to mention it will add a stylish touch and last longer than other materials if installed correctly.

Add a Pop of Color

Make your flagstone patio the focal point of your yard and add some flowers to complete the look.

Seating and Tables

Flagstone not only can be used to make a stunning patio, but also can be designed to incorporate seating and table. Your flagstone patio will be the perfect place to host your next party!

Be sure that you think through the whole design of adding a flagstone patio to your outdoor living space before work begins. Do not fret! Green Acres will help you sort through all the details. Contact them to begin breaking ground on your new outdoor living space!

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