Vienna VA Retaining Walls
Vienna VA Retaining Walls

A Retaining Wall Can Add Character To Vienna VA Garden

Vienna VA Retaining Walls

If you’re like most people, you have seen retaining walls all around the Vienna, VA area and simply did not realize that that is what they are. Retaining walls can serve many functions, such as protecting a lawn from damage, holding back erosion, or flattening out areas of your yard. One of these, the flattening out space in your yard specifically, is perfect for a garden. There are many reasons to plant a garden in your yard, as not only is it a fun hobby, but can also save you money at the store while providing you with healthy food choices.

The problem with trying to plant a garden is that the garden will quickly take over the lawn if you are not careful. This is where a retaining wall comes in. A retaining wall provides a barrier between the garden and lawn that will stop your plants from taking over the whole place (If you’ve ever planted squash you’ve probably seen this happen). A retaining wall actually serves a few different functions for your garden. First it stops overgrowth. Second it stops the dirt in the garden from becoming washed away in the first rainstorm and damaging your plants. And lastly it helps define the borders of your garden and will make it look much nicer when it comes to having style in your yard. Retaining walls are common for gardens around Vienna, VA and they provide the perfect balance between beatify and functionality. In fact it’s hard to walk a block these days without seeing three.

If you have a garden that you want to redefine and protect, or even if you are still just thinking about planting a garden, we encourage you to call our Vienna, VA landscaping team. They can show you exactly how to use a retaining wall to get your garden started. We love meeting new people, and can’t wait to answer any questions that you might have.

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