Vienna VA Retaining Walls
Vienna VA Retaining Walls

Vienna VA Retaining Walls

Vienna VA Retaining Walls

Looking to upgrade the appearance of your landscaping around your Vienna VA home? A retaining wall can add distinction and can increase the usable area of your yard. A retaining wall can be a simple project or a highly engineered structure holding tons of earth in place. The retaining wall experts at Green Acres can determine what is needed for your project.

The first step is to make a plan, this will determine what the wall is going to do, simply adding a beautiful focal point to the landscape or actually flatten the terrain of your yard. Choose the materials you want to use - various materials can be used - wood, stone, concrete, or brick. Various colors are available to match your home. The retaining wall experts at Green Arces can advise you on what materials should be used and what colors are available to contruct the retaining wall.

A retaining wall can be an attractive addition to any landscape. Solving many Vienna VA landscaping issues:

  • Steep sloping terrain
  • Poor drainage
  • Flooding
  • Bland landscaping - offering a dramatic focal point
  • Sectioning the landscaping
  • Safety
  • Security

Contact the experts at Green Acres today to discuss the landscaping, including retaining walls, for your Vienna VA home.

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We needed two driveways completely redone. Green Acres did both and we're really happy with them. They look good and they've been durable.

— Bob, Vienna VA.

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