Vienna VA Pavers
Vienna VA Pavers

Vienna Virginia Pavers

For 20 years property owners in Vienna Virginia who want pavers have depended on the experts at Green Acres Landscape. The family owned company is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients and this is apparent in their completed projects. With a permeable paver system from Green Acres Landscape, home owners can add lasting beauty and value to their properties.

Vienna Virginia properties with pavers usually do not experience the problems with water run-off that are common in suburban communities. Heavy rainfall can cause excess water flow that often floods neighborhood streets and already swollen creeks. It can also collect potentially dangerous containments that might pollute properties. A permeable paver system from Green Acres Landscape will allow the water to flow uninterrupted and absorb into the ground instead of flooding the area. Vienna VA properties with pavers will remain safe and dry, so home owners can enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space.

The insured and licensed professionals at Green Acres Landscape will work closely with property owners to create an attractive and functional permeable paver system. The skilled designers and experienced craftsmen are familiar with the conditions unique to the area, and will assure property owners in Vienna VA that their pavers are placed correctly the first time.

Some of the options Vienna VA residents who want pavers can take advantage of when they contact the knowledgeable team at Green Acres Landscape include;

  • Pavers in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Enclosed courtyards
  • Patios

For over thirty years home owners in Vienna VA who want the benefits of pavers have relied on the experienced staff at Green Acres Landscape. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and only using top rated products, Green Acres Landscape can create a permeable paver system that is beneficial to the environment and meets all of their client's needs.

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  • Drainage

    Drainage and erosion does not have to be an eyesore. We can make these working items look beautiful, while functioning as they are needed.

  • Patios

    A Patio is the perfect solution for an Northern Virginia outdoor living space.



There are plenty of contractors doing landscape design in Northern Virginia but I knew Green Acres was the best choice for my property.

— John, Vienna VA.

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